About us

Fleet Managers strive every day to make their operations run efficiently and meet the company’s goal of delivering customers’ goods as promised. When the inevitable occurs, and a driver breaks down in unfamiliar territory, the situation often moves beyond the dispatcher or manager’s control.

Under these circumstances, companies and drivers can find themselves at the mercy of unknown truck repair shops, towing companies or tire vendors without assurances of receiving dependable service at a reasonable price. Yellow Truck & Trailer Repair Inc puts you back in control of these situations and alleviates the potential headaches and disasters.

The Result: Your equipment is back on the road with less “down” time, and not sitting all night or the next day waiting to get fixed. The small fee paid for this reliable service is offset many times over due to cost containment measures initiated by Yellow Truck & Trailer Repair Inc It also allows fleet managers to make more effective use of their own dispatchers and mechanics, profit from higher equipment productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Yellow Truck & Trailer Repair Inc is to provide you with convenient and cost effective “on-site” vehicle maintenance and repairs services while:

Saving You Time: We help you keep your trucks on the road during business hours and out of the shop. We go to your vehicle parking sites and perform maintenance and repairs while your fleet vehicles are inactive. This is usually after 3:00 PM and on weekends.

Saving You Money: After 12 months of being on our preventive maintenance program, you should experience a significant cost savings in the repairs of your vehicles.

Helping to Ensure Your Customer’s Satisfaction: Ensure that your drivers get to each job on time by performing routine maintenance on your vehicles. There is nothing worse than a dissatisfied customers, especially when it can be avoided.

  • On-Site Mobile Service for Trucks, Trailers, Tractors
  • Also providing Maintenance and Inspection for Fleets throughout North Carolina Wilmington Area.


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